Dear Me, love from Me

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I’ve been doing quite a few workshops recently, and at the end I often ask people to write themselves a postcard in the form:

Dear Me [insert your name here]

Have you remembered to do bubbles prayers in Toddlers?

Love from Me [see above]

After a few quizzical looks (it seems this concept is a tad confusing, or maybe I’m not explaining it very clearly?), the delegates all begin writing, including their address so that I can send them the cards in a few weeks as a gentle reminder to do what they planned to do as a result of being in my workshop.

Of course, it also provides me with a little peep into what people have found useful in what I done and said. Most people write about the activity idea they really liked which they wanted to apply in their setting. Popular choices recently have been Bubbles prayers and things with play dough. Some, also mention ideas and concepts I’ve mentioned. Here’s a few from the postcards I’m soon to send back to the delegates from Worcester and North Yorkshire.

Thank you to all the people who came and took part in my workshops and wrote themselves a postcard. Special thanks goes to the lady who either thinks my name is Michelle, or chose to write about Michelle’s workshop instead – love it 🙂

If you sent yourself a postcard after looking at the GodVenture website, what would it say?

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