Explore the story with old Christmas cards


Have you got some old Christmas cards stashed? Here’s some ideas of ways you can use them to explore the Christmas story together:

1. Sort them

Go through your cards and split them into two piles: ones which feature something in the Christmas story and those which don’t. You might need to do a quick re-read of Luke 2 and Matthew 1 to remind you, and you might have discussions about things which might have been in the story but which aren’t specifically mentioned. Your sort, your rules 🙂

2. Use them to tell the Christmas story
Choose four of the cards which feature something from the Christmas story in the Bible to re-tell the Christmas story. Which ones will you choose? You might find different people in your family have different ideas. Maybe let each person do a re-telling.

3. Make a Christmas story collage

Use the cards to create a Christmas collage picture which depicts the Christmas story. Depending on how big you make it, you could use it as a piece of art to decorate your home at Christmas time, or as a Christmas card. You could photograph it and re-produce it on lots of cards to give to people.