Exploring the Bible together experiment week #2

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This is the second post about an experiment in intergenerational Bible study.

After last week, I asked both families in our ‘group’ (mine and one other), to have a chat about how it went, if they liked it and if they’d like to do it again.

The consensus was ‘yes’, so we applied our learning from the first week (mostly to set up tech in advance!) and went for a second week.

Setting up the tech 15 minutes before we started helped a lot, making it easier to see and hear everyone (basics!).

This week one of the girls led us through the session in Exploring Psalms, reading the psalm to us and asking the questions. On seeing that children were allowed to lead, my 8 year old asked if she could lead next week, and offered to create a treasure hunt with prizes (to send in the post), to which the other children excitedly agreed!

This week we read Psalm 114, and the chat and think part was more thinking than chatting. This may have been to do with the personality and style of the child leading, who is more contemplative. It was good to have a change of leader and dynamic to the group!

This week, my children was less enthusiastic to join in, and my younger child wanted to chat rather than focus on the psalm (always fun!). In reflection, this was because we had rushed into the session without space between our last activity and so we weren’t really ready.

The other family were much more prepared and all joined in well, however we all had fun during the creative response time, each of us creating something on paper which reflected our favourite verse and how we felt about it.

There was quite a bit of discussion about how a mountain could ‘skip like a lamb’, and how we might make a picture of that!

For next week:

  • I need to make sure my family is ready, not rushing into the session
  • I need to work with my dynamic eight year old to work out how she will lead the session, and to put together her treasure hunt (I think this will be a scavenger hunt

Find out how we get on next week

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