NEW Mini-Mag Out!

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What if I told you I could send you a mini-mag with ten fun activities to do with your family (including stickers!) which would be a fun and easy way to explore the bible together?

Every 8 weeks, I produce a new Faith at home mini-mag, and I pack it full with fun ideas which you’ll enjoy doing, but which will also help you explore the Bible, pray and connect with each other at home. There’s always something fun to do with stickers (this time they’re being used in a very kinesthetic prayer activity) as well as things you can do outside, questions to help you chat together and thing to make.

This month’s new mini-mag also features as huge poster cartoon of the bible story, plus a mini-book with space for you to add your own pictures – these could be drawings or you could go to town and set up toys ‘acting’ scenes of the story, take photos of them, then print and stick them into the book. We’ve done this a few times, and while it takes more time than drawing, it’s a really cool way to really dive deep into the story and wrestle with some of our thoughts and questions about it. See here

Are you looking for things to do over the summer? Maybe something to take on holiday with you? This mini-mag is a tiny envelope which punches high above its weight in terms of fun and discipleship.

Have a look here.

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