Review: Welcome to Bible World

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Title: Welcome to Bible World

Author: Mike Nappa

Illustrator: Emiliano Migliardo

Published by: The Good Book Company

Price: Available from Eden for £7.99 (July 5, 2022)

Good for: 4-10s who know a bit about the Bible and are ready to find out more.

Best bit: It’s a child-friendly introduction to the different types of books in the Bible, and helpful for giving an overview. Oh, and there’s lots of humour in the pictures 😉

Worst bit: It doesn’t actually say that knowing the genre of a Bible book should affect the way we read it


This book is a simple and fun way of helping children get a better understanding of the Bible. Being non-fiction, it will be dipped into as well as read cover to cover. The pictures on the main pages are really fun, and give children lots to look at and chat about. If you wanted to, you could use some of the Bible references to discover new or different stories in the Bible.