Easter Story Cards


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All about Easter Story Cards

These cute collectable cards give you loads of options to share the Easter story with children – use them at home, in a group or an Easter service!

Each cards has a picture of a scene from the Easter story, from Palm Sunday to the empty tomb. On the back is a one line story summary.

Once you’ve found all the cards in your treasure hunt, the challenge is to put them in order without looking at the backs!

The pictures on the eight cards illustrate scenes from the Easter story from Mark’s gospel, starting with Palm Sunday and ending with the empty tomb. The sentences on the back of the cards read:

  1. Jesus rode into Jerusalem on the colt of a donkey with crowds shouting, “Hosanna!”
  2. In the temple, Jesus removed the traders and pushed over their tables.
  3. Jesus answered questions about taxes and how to relate to people in charge.
  4. Watching people’s gifts, Jesus said that the widow who gave two coins gave the most.
  5. Jesus ate his last supper with his friends, including sharing bread and wine.
  6. Jesus died on a cross.
  7. Jesus was buried in a tomb with a stone rolled across the entrance.
  8. Two days later, three women went to Jesus’ tomb and found that it was empty!

Read ideas on how to use them here 

You also get a series of treasure hunt posters to download and print to help people find the cards if you’re doing a treasure hunt.

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