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All about Easter Story Journal

This Easter, embark on a reflective journey through the events of Holy Week with this gorgeous Easter Story Journal.

Designed with you and your family in mind, this journal offers a simple yet profound way to explore the timeless narrative of Jesus’ final week, death and resurrection.

📖 Engaging Stories for Every Day of Holy Week

Explore one story each day, starting with Jesus’ arrival in Jerusalem on a donkey on Palm Sunday, all the way to the joyous discovery of the empty tomb on Easter Sunday. Each story is thoughtfully selected from Mark’s gospel, presented in the accessible text of the NIrV (New International Readers Version), making it perfect for readers of all levels and backgrounds.

🌿 Reflective Questions for Meaningful Conversations:

Deepen your exploration of each story using the open-ended questions. These prompts are designed to spark meaningful discussions and personal reflections, allowing you and your family to connect with the Easter narrative in a profound and personal way.

🎨 Creative Space for Inspired Expression:

With its luxurious velvet cover and thick, A5 pages, our Easter Story Journal provides ample space for your family to unleash their creativity. Whether it’s drawing, writing, or doodling, let your imaginations loose as you respond to each story and explore its significance in your lives.

🖌️ Evocative Illustrations by Victoria Beech:

Let the simple illustrations by Victoria Beech transport you to the heart of each story, bringing the Easter narrative to life in a way that is engaging for children and adults . These evocative images serve as a spring board for your own pictures and thoughts about the story.

There are eight stories (matching those in the Holy Week Box), starting with Jesus arriving in Jerusalem and ending with the empty tomb. If you choose, you can read the stories one each day during Holy Week, starting on Palm Sunday and finishing on Easter Sunday:

  1. Jesus arrives – Read on Palm Sunday
  2. Who’s in trouble? – Read on Monday
  3. Who’s on the coin? – Read on Tuesday
  4. Who gave the most? – Read on Wednesday
  5. Jesus’ last meal – Read on Thursday
  6. Jesus dies – Read on Good Friday
  7. Jesus is buried – Read on Saturday
  8. The tomb is empty – Read on Easter Sunday

You can also get this journal as part of the Easter Week Sticker Calendar, which has a sticker each day to go with your story.

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