Review: All about Christmas


Title: All about Christmas

Author: Alison Mitchell

Designer: Andre Parker

Published by: The Good Book Company

Price: RRP £10.99 reduced to £9.34 here

Good for: Children age 5-11 who’d enjoy a detailed non-fiction book about the Christmas story

Best bit: Loads of info and pictures

Worst bit: Text a bit small for the age group, and often quite a lot of text on the page, especially where it quotes the story from the Bible


Now I love a story, but there’s nothing like a non-fiction info book to get me geeking! This DK-esque book claims to have over 100 amazing facts behind the Christmas story, moving through all the elements of the Christmas story including why the date of Christmas is what it is and what daily life would have been like in the time Jesus was born.

This isn’t a book I would read from start to finish (although some people will) but it will be a good ‘dip in’ book for many Christmases.