Review: The Christmas Surprise


Title: The Christmas Surprise

Author and Illustrator: Steph Williams

Published by: The Good Book Company 

Price: RRP £2.99 reduced to £2.54 or 10 for £2.10 each

Good for: a gift for young children unfamiliar with the Christmas story

Best bit: It’s funny! And it talks about what Jesus’ name means (rescuer)

Worst bit: Not really anything. I probably wouldn’t have put so much in the Notes for grown-ups section, and instead added some open-ended questions to help families explore what this story means for them.


My children love a funny book, and both the words and the pictures in this story are funny! I loved how each time there’s a surprise in the story (eg when the angel comes to Mary) their response is: WHAAAAAAAAT?! I wasn’t surprised to find that the author had also illustrated the stories, and the words and pictures are really in tune with each other, there’s not a lot of text on each page, and the pictures really tell the story.

If you’re looking for a gift for a young child, or you enjoy having fun as you read to your child, get this book!

You could even use it as a Christmas talk!