Review: Seek and Find – The First Christmas 


Title: Seek and Find – the first Christmas

Author: Sarah Parker

Illustrator: Andre Parker

Published by: The Good Book Company

Price: £8.99 on Amazon

Good for: Families looking for a fun, interactive way to share the Christmas story with younger children

Best bit: Quality hardback board book with great illustrations which cover most of the page

Worst bit: My children would love a version of this for older children with more detail like a Where’s Wally


If you buy this as a gift, you won’t be disappointed as this book feels great quality in your hand, and the fact that it’s a board book means it will last well.

I really liked the short story section on each page (only about 5 lines) and the lovely, bright, interesting pictures with 10 things to spot. There’s even extras to spot a second time round, making this a book you’ll definitely keep coming back to.

My only sadness is that my daughters are now 9 and 11 and will find this a bit too easy – they’d love a version with more detail please!