Review: The incredible power of God’s word by Joyce Meyer

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Title: The incredible power of God’s word

Created by: Joyce Meyer

Published by: Hodder

Price: £12.99

Useful for: children age 5-10 years old

Best bit: Simple, fun design with a great selection of Bible verses on useful topics

Worst bit: It has lovely full colour pictures, but more would have been fab. I might also have added more about how children use the verses to experience the power of God’s word in their lives. I’m sure children can easily come up with great ways to use it, but parents might appreciate a bit more guidance 😉


This book isn’t a book about how incredible God’s word is; it’s a book full of God’s word organised by topic so that you can experience how powerful it is.

After a short note from Joyce on how you might like to use the book, there’s a great collection of topics, from Anxiety (page 1!), through feeling sad, forgiving, How I feel, I can do it ending with Wisdom.

I love how the topics feel like things my children would actually want to look up verses about, written in language which they would use (eg Taking care of my stuff). And while there’s not a picture for each topic (sad face), each topic has an intro Bible verse, a few words from Joyce followed by either a prayer to say or a bit about someone in the Bible who experienced this topic. The next page has five Bible verses on the same topic. It’s a great book to work through systematically, if that’s your sort of thing, or to dip into, if you’re more that kind of person. Whichever way, you will find great verses for specific moments of life, and hopefully discover how powerful God’s word is on your own life.

Top tip for parents: I would make a copy of the contents page before giving the book, then you can send them to look for relevant topics, knowing there’s one there.

I think this will be a really useful little book for many families, one to keep handy for a few years!