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Happy New Year to you!

If you’re looking for some sales bargains, you’ve come to the right place!

Click here to get 50% off all the Faith at home mini-mags from 2021, as well as 50% off Advent Calendars and great discounts on Sticker Christmas Cards and other Christmas goodies!

GodVenture resources are always created with you in mind, so I try to keep them as affordable as possible whilst also making sure they’re great quality both in terms of the materials and content.

I know there’s not always the budget to purchase these resources, especially if you want to buy in bulk to give them away to families who might not think about getting things themselves. (Just as a thought, I’m really happy if you want to charge people to receive these – you could always ask for £2 per mag. I always find I’m more likely to use something I’ve paid for than something I was handed for free, even if it’s not a lot. Psychology is weird, isn’t it? Or you could ask for a donation to help you cover costs.)

While you’re stocking up, you might also like to have a FREE TRIAL of the Faith at home mini-mag for 2022. Simply sign up for a family subscription and you get your first month free (after that, it’s only £4/m or £40/yr = another two months FREE). You also get a free month with the church subscription, where you’ll receive 10 copies of each mini-mag for either an annual (£150 – another two months free) or monthly subscription (£15/m).