Special offer when buying one item

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Each year I have to increase the postage rate just to keep up with costs. This year, at the same time as increasing the flat rate postage, I’ve also introduced a special One Item only postage and packing fee of only £2. To get this, you need to be ordering only one item and enter the code ‘only1eg‘ at the checkout. I hope this means that if you’ve not bought things from GodVenture before, and would just like to try out one thing, you can enjoy a lower postage rate. We hope that those of you who’ve already sampled the delights of the fabulous things we make will happily buy one of two items to share with friends to offset the cost of postage.

If you’d like to order bulk quantities of items not available as such on the website, do get in touch using the contact form as I am always keen to get thing to people for a price they can pay if I can!

Thank you for continuing to support GodVenture and I hope the resources are useful and fun to use.

Do you know someone who who might like GodVenture? Why not share this link with them to let them know about the code (only1eg) and encourage them to try one of our products.