Exploring generosity in an all–age service or intergenerational group

Exploring Generosity inside pages12

Exploring Generosity is a 32 page, full colour book from GodVenture in partnership with 40acts.


Each activity has

  • a creative way for you to read a Bible passage together as a family
  • something for children under 5
  • Something extra for older children and adults
  • open-ended questions to consider how the passage inspires your generosity
  • a way to use the 200+ stickers
  • an idea to help you think, chat or pray together
  • a link to the 40acts Generosity Challenge Family Wallchart which you can pull-out from the centre

It’s a fab way for families to explore the Bible and let God speak with them about generosity. 


Around your meeting place, set up some stations based on activities from the book (IDEAS BELOW!). Choose the stations that will give a good variety for your group. When people are arriving you may want to do something together, and, of course, make sure you explain how the stations work. Give them an idea of how much time they have so they can pace themselves or choose their favourites first! Usually it works well to come together at the end of a session and compare notes on things you’ve done, what you enjoyed, what you discovered, and maybe do one last activity together, such as saying a blessing.


These stations are based on 2 Corinthians 9 in the Exploring Generosity book:

  • Print 2 Corinthians 9:1–7 and put each print out in an envelope for people to open and read as it is a letter from Paul to a church. At the end of the Bible passage add: ‘I wonder what these verses make you think about how much to give.’
  • Set up a Bible story station with a Bible open at 2 Corinthians 9:8–15, printed versions for people to take away (from the CEV or a range of versions). Set out a flipchart or large piece of paper taped to the ground with red and blue pens nearby and these words on it: ‘Play spot the verbs (‘doing words’)! In verses 8–11, look out for things which God does. Write one here in RED. In verses 12–15, look out for things Paul says the people do. Write one here in BLUE.’
  • Display a large Bible map or Bible map book and challenge people to locate the places mentioned in the passage. Make sure there are copies of the passage for them to reference.
  • Put out a large bowl with packets of chocolate buttons in it. Have someone stand next to the bowl asking people if they’ve given any chocolate buttons away. When people say no, the person should give them some saying, ‘God gives us things so we can give things to other people. I’ve given you these button so you can share them with someone.’
  • Make a giant list of A-Z on a long sheet of lining paper. Invite people to write things they are thankful for which begin with one of the letters on the sheet. Alternatively, if you have a very large group, you could make giant alphabet letters and display them around your room inviting people to do the same.
  • Set up some fridge magnets on a metal surface (I use a magnetic flipchart board set low so everyone can reach it) and encourage people to write things they are thankful for in fridge magnets. If you include shapes as well, people can also make pictures.
  • Find a clip of something growing very fast such as a snowball. Play it on a loop and alternate with this text: 2 Corinthians 9:11 is also translated as God multiplying exponentially (increasing quickly by large amounts) and being ‘more extravagant’. What does this tell us about God? How might this change the way you view God and generosity?’ You might want to have two screens, one with the video, one with the questions,  alternate playing the film and the questions or print the questions.
  • Have a large empty sheet of paper and pens with this question written in the middle of it: How would you describe God’s role in your giving?
  • Put out some nice creative art materials with this invitation: ‘Create your own piece of art using the words from this passage to inspire you. This could be a collage or drawing, a model made of clay or junk modelling. As you make it, chat about what the verse might mean for you.’ Have print outs of the Bible passages from different Bible versions for people to be inspired by.
  • Set out some Bibles, paper and pens with these instructions: What do you notice in 2 Corinthians 9 about the results of giving generously? You could also look at Galatians 6:7; Proverbs 11:24,25; Proverbs 22:9; Deuteronomy 15:10.
  • Invite people to make a collage using seeds and corn heads or something to represent harvest. You could print out the following words for them to cut and glue on their paper then add seeds and harvest: A few seeds make…  BUT a lot of seeds make…
  • Set out materials for people to make a living model of verse 6 using seeds (e.g. cress, bean or sunflower). Print out the verse for people to put in the soil next to their seeds as a sign how they want a good harvest to come from their giving.