Seed prayers

Do you love watching seeds grow? Why not link this with praying for something to grow? A fun and satisfying seedling to watch is a sunflower. Take a toilet tube and press in the sides of one end to make a little compostable pot. Fill it with compost or soil then place one seed on … Read more

A Short Exploration of HOPE in Hebrew

Over twenty years ago I spent nine months working in an orphanage in Mozambique. While I was there, I became aware of suffering and injustice I had never dreamed could exist, including the personal hardship of many beautiful people I met. I found it very hard to hold on to my faith in a loving … Read more

Candle prayer

You might have done this in a church – light a candle and pray for someone. As I write this in 2020, a great prayer for anyone we know is for them to be filled with hope. My family loves praying with candles whenever we visit a cathedral, and I particularly love adding our prayers … Read more