Balloon prayers

This is a really simple, fun way to pray in a group. You could do this at home, or as part of a party or even a service! Blow up the balloons and write or draw on each something about God. You could use: words (or pictures) which describe God (e.g. great, strong, kind, loving, … Read more

Ten fun easy ways to do family praise

family worship

There’s nothing quite like family worship, is there? Or is it just a bad word in your home? Many psalms start with the words: A Psalm of David, and the word ‘psalm’ is a translation of the Hebrew word ‘mizmor’, meaning a poem set to notes (ie a song!). It comes from the root word … Read more

Review: We Shine CD Album

It’s not often I listen to a children’s worship album and enjoy it, actually enjoy listening to it, such that I put it on when my children are not around! I LOVE this album! Details below… Title: We Shine Author: Vineyard Worship UK & Ireland Price: £11.99 direct or £7.99 on Amazon, but available on a … Read more