Bible story with a tent

Set up a tent in the garden and share a Bible story together inside it. Here’s three tent-based Bible stories you could share in your tent: Abraham and Sarah are visited by three angels Genesis 18:1-15Moses and the the tent of Meeting Exodus 33:7-11The siege of Samaria 2 Kings 6:24- 7:20 (ends with a gruesome … Read more

Picture Bible story treasure hunt

Inspired by an enthusiastic hunt for ‘fairy doors’ at Ripley Castle, I thought I’d have another go at a Bible story treasure hunt but this time use pictures. This one takes a little prep but is really flexible and so could be made to work for any age of children or adults. My children are 3 … Read more

Bubbles blessing

This is a a great way to pray with people of all ages, including very young children. Get out the bubbles and say that they represent the blessings of God, that is, all the good things in our lives, as the Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17). I … Read more