10 fun Bible and prayer activities to do outside

I’ve talked a lot recently about how being outside is a great way to worship and connect with God see HERE and HERE. Since it’s now Summer, the bees are busy and we have fewer and fewer excuses not to spend time outside. So I thought I’d share some ideas for focused faith activities which … Read more

Bible story treasure hunt

In the summer, lots of families have more flexible time which you could use to do a treasure hunt style Bible exploration. Create a simple treasure hunt by choosing a series of locations, depending on the age of your children and the time you have available, and hide a section of the story you want … Read more

Nature is the first cathedral

We’re currently in our second year of doing #1000hoursoutside. For me, the most important thing is not HOW we’re achieving that (more on that next time) but WHY. We’re intentionally spending loads of time outside because it’s good for us, (again, more on that next time) and it gives us a way to regularly worship … Read more

10 Outside Places to Read The Bible or Pray

Sounds simple, but if you’re enjoying doing things outdoors, take your ‘God time together’ outside too. Maybe do what you usually do, or maybe try something a bit different. You may find the change in venue makes it different anyway, and perhaps allows you to pray or explore the Bible together at a different time … Read more

Spring-inspired prayer

I live on a farm and love using the seasons to inspire my prayer. In the past few years, I have so loved all the different types of daffodils coming up. I love their blooms, but I’ve also really enjoyed their super-vivid-green stalks. I think it happens when we have sudden warm spells and they … Read more

Snowdrop prayers

What fragile things could you pray for? If you can find some snowdrops, take a photo and use it to inspire your prayers. Every year I love it when I see snowdrops appear. I love their fragile beauty, intricate petals and flimsy stems buffeted by Winter winds. I love their tenacity in arriving while snow still threatens. While other … Read more

Two Types of Frosty Prayers

One This is a really simple, seasonal prayer activity to do as a family at home: When you see something looking beautiful because it’s covered in frost, praise God for it: You may well find younger children are good at this as they often have a better connection to awe and wonder. Don’t limit their … Read more

An outdoor Christmas party?

I run a group for families which meets every other and week. We meet outside and explore nature together in fun ways for an hour or two, before the children play in the playground and the Mums stand and chat. For Christmas, I’m planning an outdoor party, something which follows the same format as our … Read more

The trees are on fire!

It seems this year that Autumn is particularly spectacular. The horse chestnuts seemed to go brown overnight a few weeks ago, but nothing else had happened. Then suddenly, I woke up to find trees which were green yesterday are now a brilliant, bold yellow. Others look like they have been dipped in the Creator’s massive … Read more

Top Tree praise

Look out for special looking trees this Autumn and when you spot one, praise God for it. You could play Top Tree, a game where you see which tree is the most stunning over the Autumn period. This could involve taking photos of them, and if you play with different people, you could upload them … Read more

Conker reflection

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a lot of conkers in my house this Autumn. It seems to have been a bumper year, and although I pretend I’m collecting them just because my daughters love playing with them, if I’m honest, they’re partly for me as I love the wonder of those beautiful … Read more

Conker prayers

Use the contrast between the spikey shell and the smooth conker to reflect on God’s transforming work. Collect conkers still in their spikey shells. Invite everyone to carefully pick one shell up and hold it while thinking of something ‘spikey’ or not nice they would like God to sort out. This could be anything, for … Read more