Sand sorry

Use sand as a tactile way to explore forgiveness. Think of something which you are sorry for.  Then take it in turns to write or draw that thing in the sand tray (or the beach!). Encourage each person to say sorry to God and ask Him to forgive them. This could be done silently as … Read more

Seed prayers

Do you love watching seeds grow? Why not link this with praying for something to grow? A fun and satisfying seedling to watch is a sunflower. Take a toilet tube and press in the sides of one end to make a little compostable pot. Fill it with compost or soil then place one seed on … Read more

Lectio Divina for families

I came across Lectio Divina quite a few years ago but it was only recently that I thought of using it as a way of exploring the Bible together as a family. Lectio Divina seems to be most closely linked with monks and reflective living, but it’s a practise of praying with the Scriptures, which … Read more

Tell it where it happened Easter story

Easter geographical re-telling

Have fun seeing if you can re-tell parts of the Easter story in similar locations to where the Biblical events took place. Now, I’m not suggesting going to Israel, although that would be a pretty cool field trip!  No, I’m meaning the types of places in which different parts of the Easter story occur, such … Read more

No-grow Easter gardens

Making an Easter garden is a great way to share the Easter story together. We made ours after my daughter decided to collect a selection of things from the garden when we were outside on a sunny Spring day. I added a biscuit tin lid, lemon and cumin glitter playdough, some play people and we were … Read more

Snowy Prayers

When having some fun in the snow, why not add in some prayer? The opportunity for this type of prayer is very seasonal and geographically limited but may be more special for it. Get everyone to write, draw or make a snow model of something they’d like to say sorry to God for doing, something they … Read more

Bible story with a tent

Set up a tent in the garden and share a Bible story together inside it. Here’s three tent-based Bible stories you could share in your tent: Abraham and Sarah are visited by three angels Genesis 18:1-15Moses and the the tent of Meeting Exodus 33:7-11The siege of Samaria 2 Kings 6:24- 7:20 (ends with a gruesome … Read more

Picture Bible story treasure hunt

Inspired by an enthusiastic hunt for ‘fairy doors’ at Ripley Castle, I thought I’d have another go at a Bible story treasure hunt but this time use pictures. This one takes a little prep but is really flexible and so could be made to work for any age of children or adults. My children are 3 … Read more

Alternative pumpkin carving

Have fun with some pumpkins in October by celebrating the light of Jesus. Instead of carving scary faces, create a positive image such as a cross or the letters of the word ‘Jesus’. (I’ve tried to do an angel but haven’t managed so if you do, please send me a photo!) Look up some Bible verses … Read more

Bubbles blessing

This is a a great way to pray with people of all ages, including very young children. Get out the bubbles and say that they represent the blessings of God, that is, all the good things in our lives, as the Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17). I … Read more

Bible treasure hunt

This is a great way to have fun exploring a Bible story. Make your treasure hunt by simply choosing the locations where you will hide a ‘piece’ of the story and write simple clues to place at each spot to guide everyone to the next location. If your family is mainly primary school age, you … Read more