How celebrating Passover could be good for your faith at home

Why would you celebrate Passover if you’re not Jewish? Such a good question! We’ve been celebrating Passover for over ten years now. Our children have grown up in a home where it’s the norm and each year we’ve invited other people to join us. In some ways, we celebrate Passover because we celebrate a weekly … Read more

GodVenture Family Activity Workshops

Would you like a GodVenture Family Activity Workshop at your church? It’s exciting that across the country families and churches are investing time to develop their faith at home. GodVenture Family Activity Workshops aim to: 1 inspire families to do faith at home together 2 encourage families in what they’re already doing that is helping … Read more

Family Activity Workshops

Quite a few people have asked me to share about the Family Activity Workshops I’ve been doing, so here we are! I’ve been doing workshops for families for a number of years, and have developed a model which I’ve found help inspire and encourage families as well as giving them activity ideas to do faith at … Read more

New Leaflet: 10 (Fun, Faith, Family) Things To Do With Under 5s

This weekend I was in Hudderfield at an event for under 5s, where I was invited to share about Player Together and Praying Together. As part of my workshops I took 10 activities to play and pray with under fives and made a little leaflet of them. Here’s the 10 activities I included: 1 fuzzy … Read more

Bubbles blessing

This is a a great way to pray with people of all ages, including very young children. Get out the bubbles and say that they represent the blessings of God, that is, all the good things in our lives, as the Bible says that every good and perfect gift comes from God (James 1:17). I … Read more

Working with Under 5s

This Saturday I will be speaking at a Lichfield Diocese event in Stoke on Trent about Working with Under 5s. Here are a few of the thoughts I’ll be sharing: Working with under 5s: Seeing Jesus at work among the nappies and play dough There are many challenges when working with under 5s. I’m sure you can list … Read more