8 Ways Your Church can Explore Generosity in 2023

Exploring Generosity inside pages13

As you know, GodVenture is all about inspiring and helping families do faith at home, but my resources can also be used in a church setting! Read on to find out how!


Here some ways you could use it in your church. Why not send a link to this post to your church leader?

  1. Buy copies of the book for all families or households. The materials have been designed especially to explore the Bible in an inclusive way, giving people options to chat, think or pray and let God speak to them rather than a leader telling them what they should believe or do.
  2. Invite small groups to explore the Bible passages together and then in their families too. There are lots of open-ended questions as well as an Extra Something for older children and families on each page so there’s lots for adults to consider and be challenged by.
  3. Ask leaders of the children’s groups if they would like to use or link to the material  in their groups. For example, use the READ section as a creative way to share the Bible story together, followed by the questions and the Chat, Think, Pray section. Each page also includes ways for under 5s to explore the Bible stories, so get the tinies involved too!
  4. Use the elements specifically for under 5s in your toddler group. For example, have make your own fish finger sandwich activity and share the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. 
  5. Purchase a load of Generosity Challenge Posters and give one to everyone.
  6. Purchase the Generosity Challenge Poster to post on a wall in your meeting space. Invite everyone to pick one act to do this week and write their name on it. Next time you meet, invite people to share stories about how it went! There’s nothing like hearing about generosity to inspire us to do more. And imagine what God can do through a whole church being generous!
  7. Use the Bible passage and questions as the basis for a talk or discussion time.
  8. Explore generosity as a church family in an all-age or intergenerational service using stations. See this post for details on how to do this!