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A nibble can be just right whether it is faith at home or snacks.

I am totally in love with my mini muffin tin. Actually, It’s not a tin—it’s a silicon mold. I use it to make all sorts of things—cakes and frittatas—not just muffins!

I held off buying one for ages, because I thought, who needs this? It’s just an extra thing in the kitchen and I am rather against things in the kitchen which only have one job but take up lots of space.

However, I am finding that making mini versions of things makes a lot of sense. It gives us choices. Small people can have one, and grown-ups can take one (or more) and everyone has the right amount. I rather dislike food wastage but sometimes children only have an option for a large-size muffin and can’t manage the whole thing.

My mini muffin mold means I can make a batch of muffin mix at the beginning of the week and it lasts us at least three days because it’s not just 12, but 24 muffins.  The silicon mold also cooks beautifully and it’s very easy to wash, so I don’t need to bother with the little cake cases either.

I don’t tell you this story to make my readers all run out and get a mini muffin silicon mold, but I think we can underestimate the benefits of little bites. Of cakes or of faith at home.  Saying one prayer or listening to one worship song or having one conversation can be valuable.  Don’t dismiss something because it’s not a big thing or it’s not something you do regularly.  The bite-size doesn’t make it less valuable. In fact, when you do something in bite-size it leaves room to do it more often.

Be still and know that I am God - verse written in calligraphy
Photo by Miriam G, courtesy of unsplash

Here is an example: Read one Bible verse today, then read that same verse tomorrow and then the next day, and the next, but then take a break for a couple of days. And then you start again the following week with another verse. It may not seem like much, but you will be surprised at how well you remember the verse from last week. You will also find that this little bite each day does have an impact especially compared to doing nothing!

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