Easter Week Sticker Calendar Sharing Pack of 10


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All about Easter Week Sticker Calendar Sharing Pack of 10

🎁 Looking for a simple but meaningful way to help families you know to celebrate Easter ? 🎁 

Help them dive into the Easter story with this Sticker Calendar! It’s the perfect way to explore the story of Easter with your family in a way that’s engaging and meaningful.

📅 Daily Stories and Stickers:

Explore the journey of Easter week with a new story to read each day from the Easter Storybook, from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem to the women discovering the empty tomb. Plus, add a colorful sticker to your calendar each day as you read the story.

📖 Spark Conversations with Reflections:

Dive deeper into each story with thought-provoking questions that will get your family thinking and chatting. Reflect on the meaning of Easter together and how it relates to your own lives.

🖼️ Bright and Bold Artwork:

Feast your eyes on the vibrant illustrations by GodVenture’s own Victoria Beech. Her artwork brings the Easter story to life in a simple and colorful way that children (and adults!) will love.

How is the story told?

The story is told from Mark’s gospel, using the accessible text of the NIrV (New International Readers Version) which works well for emerging readers as well as those for whom English isn’t their first language.

There are eight stories and eight stickers to add, with the stories included matching those in the Holy Week Box (which works well alongside the calendar):

  1. Jesus arrives (in Jerusalem)
  2. Who’s in trouble? (Jesus turns over the tables in the temple)
  3. Who’s on the coin? (Jesus talks about tax)
  4. Who gave most? (Jesus and the widow’s mite)
  5. Jesus’ last meal
  6. Jesus dies
  7. Jesus is buried
  8. The tomb is empty

Please note: Sharing packs of Easter Week Sticker Calendars come with an Easter Storybook featuring illustrations and the Bible text of the stories. This is to keep it simple to use and keep the price low for you. The family version comes with a luxury 20-page A5 Easter Story Journal where you can write, draw, and doodle your thoughts and responses to each story. If you want to get these separately after getting a sharing pack, you can add them to your order here.

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