Who are The Best Kinds of Friends?

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I don’t know about you, but I have friends who help me in different ways.

There are some amazing friends who came to my house a few weeks ago to help tidy and clean when we had an inspection coming up.

I have friends who always sincerely ask me how I am, whether face to face or on messages and always listen when I answer.

Then there is that one friend who always makes time for a serious chat with one of my children.

I have a friend who meets up with me in a cafe in the evening to chat about life, the universe and everything.

We all need people to be friends to us in different ways, and this is also true of our children. I wonder what adults are ‘around’ in your children’s lives to assist them in their walk with Jesus? These might be family or friends, people in your church or those living far off.

You might have:

  • someone who prays for them regularly
  • someone who does spiritual activities with them
  • someone who asks you how they are and encourages you in your role as discipler
  • someone who buys them helpful gifts to encourage their walk with Jesus
  • Someone who recommends great resources for you
  • Someone who organises camp for them or to go on the creche rota

This week, lets

  1. Thank one of these people for their role in our child’s life
  2. Spot a type of person they are perhaps missing and think about who we could invite to help with that role
These ideas are great for godparents or other people of faith in your children’s lives!