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Faith at home Christmas activities with GodVenture66

Christmas at home activities

Below is a collection of faith at home activities for Christmas. Use this list to inspire your own activities, choosing things which really work for your family. Here are Some articles to help you choose the activities which are right for your family: Preparing for a Covid-19 Christmas A new type of Christmas How to do […]

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20 things I love about the GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar 2020

I’m bias, I know, but here’s 20 things I love about the GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar 2020: The storybook is bigger and longer than ever! The mini-book isn’t so mini this year! It’s a full 32 pages and 15cm square, so bigger and longer than ever before! The not-so-mini-book contains the WHOLE Christmas story! The […]

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A new type of Christmas?

This year we may well have to change how we celebrate Christmas. Large gatherings and community singing won’t be easy, so let’s be creative and start thinking about what we want to achieve in our Christmas celebrations, and start thinking of new ways to celebrate. One of the things I love most about Christmas is […]

Sticker Advent Calendar on purple

The 2020 GodVenture Sticker Advent Calendar is ready for pre-order!

I’m so excited about this year’s sticker Advent calendar! It’s bigger (A3 instead of A4) and there’s more stickers (40!) and more story (the WHOLE story, in fact!). I’ve been working on this for a while, and trying to respond to some of your feedback from last year, so this year there are some new […]