The gift of pressing PAUSE

I’m a run around, get lots done, energetic sort of person, so I’ve come late to this realisation: We ALL need rest, time to pause, to reflect, to process. As we approach what is often the busiest time of year, it’s even more important to put things in place to press pause on the doing … Read more

Flora’s candles in a flower pot!

If like me you love candles, but struggle to find a safe-ish way to use them during Advent and other seasons, you will like this genius idea from my friend, Flora. She just fills a lovely ceramic flower pot with sand then pushes the candles into it! Da-dah! Candles are ready! I realise for some … Read more

Celebrating Baptism Birthdays

This week is my eldest daughter’s baptism birthday. She was baptised at our (then) local Anglican church age 1, with a large congregation of our family and friends. It was a wonderful event, with lots of interactive elements in the service and a bring and share picnic at ours afterwards. She was too young to … Read more

DIY Advent Candle

I love Advent Candles and you can get these from amazon. We light ours each dinner time in Advent, sometimes spending a few minutes chatting or praying or being thankful (here are 25 ideas on things to be thankful for!). Here are some other ideas of prayers you could use each time you light your … Read more

Advent Candle Idea: 25 Ways to be Thankful

I love Advent and candles. Here’s a really simple idea for using them to develop thankfulness in the run up to Christmas. It doesn’t take long, but a few moments each day will help develop a habit of thankfulness in a month when so much is trying to pull us away from it. You might … Read more

Countdown candle prayers

I am just sending my three god-daughters a countdown candle with a card with some suggestions of prayers they could use with their candle. I say countdown candle, as strictly it’s not Advent, as Advent starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas, I believe. This candle has numbers 1-24 to countdown to Christmas during December. … Read more

Candle prayers

As the nights get darker, and we get closer to eating our evening meal in the dark, it’s the perfect time to try out a candle prayer. You could use– a large, chunky, church candle which will last a long time– a long, thin candle in a candle stick which will raise the flame away … Read more

Advent wreath prayers

Advent is the four weeks running up to Christmas.  It is a time of expectant waiting and preparation and many Christian traditions light candles during this time. How to make a wreath: To do this you will need four or five candles, and perhaps some spares in case the early ones burn right down. Try … Read more