Saint Valentine’s Day

Each year, we explore the story of Saint Valentine a little bit, and then we make cards and sometimes edible gifts to let our friends know they are loved. The story of Saint Valentine is a bit gory and sometimes a little x-rated, so if you plan on sharing a short youtube video, be sure … Read more

Review: Explore the Bible

Title: Explore the Bible cards Author: Jessica Jenner at Together at home Price: £8 Published by and available from: Foundationstones Resources Good for: anyone wanting to learn more about Bible books in a fun way Best bit: Colour co-ordinated cards by genre with extra info on each card Worst bit: The box is a little bit … Read more

Explore the story with old Christmas cards

Have you got some old Christmas cards stashed? Here’s some ideas of ways you can use them to explore the Christmas story together: 1. Sort them Go through your cards and split them into two piles: ones which feature something in the Christmas story and those which don’t. You might need to do a quick … Read more