Seven ways to use Baker Ross Nativity Mini Wooden Shapes

I’m sure, like me, you occasionally visit the Baker Ross website. I usually go looking for one thing, and am quickly overwhelmed by the sheer variety of wonderful crafty things! What I find tricky, is buying craft items which can only be used in one way, so here are seven ways you could use the … Read more

Blessing Bracelets

Bible, Blessing, and Be Creative! One way to explore a Bible verse is to do something creative with our hands while we think or chat or ponder it. A verse I love is the blessing in Numbers 6:24-26: “The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make his face shine on you and be … Read more

Advent Colouring Meditation

A simple activity for Advent is to do some colouring meditation. Download this beautiful nativity colouring poster and print it at whatever size suits you. Spend time together colouring and listening to Christmas carols or worship music or the Christmas story from an audio Bible. Chat and think and chew over the wonder of the … Read more

Lollystick Stable

Make your own nativity scene using lollysticks, paper, glue and pencils Glue 4 or 5 lolly sticks together to create a house. If you use 5, you can make a pointed roof. To make this fast, you could use a glue gun (You can get cool ones for children to use too).Next glue a piece … Read more

Storyboarding a Bible story

There are many great benefits to reading a big chunk of the Bible all in one go. We see many themes better when viewing a story from a distance, and see how the characters and plot of one story fit into The Big Story of the Bible. It helps us not to take one verse … Read more

Easter activities

Easter is a fab time to do faith at home, but sometimes it’s tricky to work out what to do, and what will work best for our family. Here’s a list of things I love to do, not all of them every year, but as we have space and time.

Angel Bunting

I love paper decorations. I can recycle them after the season instead of storing them and it gives my family a chance to have fun making them each year. Discuss: What do angels look like? Do they have wings? Are they male or female? Can angels be children? Do they have swords? Discussing these questions … Read more

Bible Character Mini Books (or Minion Marys)

These cute little books are a fab way to explore Bible stories from the perspective of a character in the story. This could be one of the main characters or someone who observed, one of the crowd or the family of the ‘main protagonist’. Thinking about what they saw and heard, what they might have … Read more

Paper angel prayers

Cut out paper angels and write or draw prayers on them and send the to the person you are praying for. Sometimes when praying for people, we wish we could be there, but actually, someone else is there who is much more useful! God, who is everywhere, is with them, and I believe also commands … Read more

Open Ended Felt Activity

This is a simple activity which can be used as an exploration of any Bible story. I use it at home and also in our church as part of our intergenerational service at Easter. The idea is to have lots of abstract shapes for people to create their own pictures with. The pictures could be … Read more

Review: Treasure Box

Title: Treasure Box Author: Becky and Adam May Useful for: parents of children aged 3-10 wanting to do faith together at home Best bit: the lovely Bible storybook and ready-to-go craft activities – my 5-year-old especially loved the weaving loom Worst bit: the wooden door included in the box was lovely, but the prayer ideas didn’t actually use it Price: RRP … Read more

Review: God’s Story for Under 5s

Title: God’s Story for Under 5s – 36 Bible-based sessions for midweek and Sunday groups.  Author: Becky May Useful for: groups leaders and parents of under 5s wanting to share Bible stories with their children in a developmentally appropriate, play-based approach Best bit: loads of stories, and multiple ways to playfully explore each story in a meaningful way, plus short … Read more