Bible bingo

game explore Bible devotional for families

I’m always excited to work out a new fun way to explore the Bible and this is a good one! Simply choose 9+ words from a passage you want to explore – this game works well if you have six verses in your passage. Add your words to a Bingo board – simply chart in … Read more

Car prayers

car prayer intercession please prayers

Pray for friends each time you see a car the same make / model /colour as theirs. Encourage them by letting them know when you were praying for them. You could also do this when you see people’s names on a lorry or road sign. It’s just a simple way to make praying for people … Read more

Say it, smash it!

easy and fun way to learn a Bible verse

This is a really fun way to learn a Bible verse! Just write the words in the verse on eggs clean, empty egg shells, one word per shell. (We wash ours with soapy water then leave to dry.) Then put them out on a table in a random order and challenge everyone to see if they … Read more

DIY mini prayer book

Make a mini-prayer book from an A4 sheet of paper. It gives you seven small pages to draw or write your prayers. Inside this book it has these words on each page: Today is [space] Thank you God for [space) Please God [space] It is designed to give you a small space to write or … Read more

Guest post: A different Holy Week Box

Naomi Elliott is helping children play as a way of learning and growing in their faith. She’s passionate about open-ended play (where children are free to create their own rules and meaning) and using natural and easy-to-come-by items rather than expensive, bought items. In this post she shares about a Holy Week Box she’s created: I … Read more

Exploring the Bible Together Experiment Week #3

This week was week 3 of our experiment. Our group: 2 adults, 5 children age 8-12 years old This week I managed to get the tech set up on time, and slightly re-arranged our lounge to give us enough seats to comfortably sit and all be able to see and be seen. This really helped … Read more

Making and using mini-books in your faith at home

I might be a little addicted to making mini books! They are so cute and so quick and very satisfying to make. Saying that, if I were looking to make one for each child in a group of ten or more, I would definitely call in some help! I have two main ways I like … Read more

Make an invitation to play

This is a simple, creative, easy to roll out idea to let children play, including playing with things of faith such as Bible stories, prayer, helping others. They are created using things you have at home, and involve minimal adult preparation or input: Set out a selection of toys, craft materials, construction items or other … Read more

Faith at home through play

Have you ever wondered what Jesus meant when He said we needed to become like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven? I think at least one of the things he may have meant is that we need to play. Daddy Pig (Father of Peppa) is an expert at everything. He is a skiing … Read more