A Family Passover Celebration

We’ve celebrated Passover in our home for a number of years now, and each year it’s different, as we adapt it around who will be there. We tend to have a big feast-like meal interspersed with parts of the service (seder). We include elements which we use each week in our Shabbat meal, for example … Read more

8 ways to get your family to stop fighting and be more generous

I wish I could tell you how to stop your children fighting. There’s probably something good about children developing social skills in the home and feeling safe so not restraining their behaviour to please others. But honestly, less fighting and arguing in our home would be quite nice! However, I do have an idea. When … Read more

Pancake prayers

It’s always good to thank God for the good things in our lives. Here’s a fun and simple way to pray while eating yummy pancakes. Add sugar (or something else sweet, chocolate spread…mmmm) to your pancake and thank God for something ‘sweet’ or good in your life. God intended life to be good, but it … Read more

Exploring generosity in an all–age service or intergenerational group

Exploring Generosity is a 32 page, full colour book from GodVenture in partnership with 40acts. WHATS INSIDE? Each activity has It’s a fab way for families to explore the Bible and let God speak with them about generosity.  HOW TO USE THIS BOOK FOR AN ALL-AGE SERVICE Around your meeting place, set up some stations based on activities from … Read more

8 Ways Your Church can Explore Generosity in 2023

As you know, GodVenture is all about inspiring and helping families do faith at home, but my resources can also be used in a church setting! Read on to find out how! THE GENEROSITY RESOURCES FROM GODVENTURE Here some ways you could use it in your church. Why not send a link to this post to your church leader?