Review of Comfort in Uncertain Times

Title: Comfort in uncertain times Author: Rachel Turner Cover illustrator: Rebecca J Hall Published by: BRF Price: RRP £8.99 Kindle edition also available Good for: parents of children age 3-12 years Best bit: I love Rachel’s re-tellings of these 15 Bible stories – you can hear her voice as you read them Worst bit: Because of … Read more

Who are The Best Kinds of Friends?

an adult holding an open bible and a child pointing to the text

I don’t know about you, but I have friends who help me in different ways. There are some amazing friends who came to my house a few weeks ago to help tidy and clean when we had an inspection coming up. I have friends who always sincerely ask me how I am, whether face to face … Read more

Review: Babies and Toddlers – Nurturing your child’s spiritual life

Title: Babies and Toddlers – Nurturing your child’s spiritual life By: Rachel Turner Price: £4.99 Published by: BRF Available from: BRF Good for: parents, grand parents, god parents and adults with contact with children age 0-3 years Best bit: Short sections, big text, super encouraging with simple, practical ideas Worst bit: I might have liked some colour … Read more

Connect with questions

Some things have changed totally over the last few months, and some things haven’t really. Our need for human contact, to be able to speak and be listened to are still the same, if perhaps more apparent due to time apart. Despite us ‘all being in this together’, every family is having a unique pandemic … Read more

Review: Cold Cups of Tea and Hiding in the Loo

Title: Cold Cups of Tea and Hiding in the Loo Author: Annie Wilmott Price: £8.99 Published by and available from: Eden Good for: anyone who’s been a parent, knows a parent or is thinking about becoming one Best bit: Annie’s honesty and humour Worst bit: Perhaps a bit pricey? And I’d like audio version with … Read more

10 Things Which Help Me Connect with God

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found I’ve had to re-learn how I connect with God since becoming a parent. I know God’s the same, but my life with young children is very different. I’ve found God is very gracious, and meets me wherever I am, but I have found some things have really helped … Read more

Cushion Prayer (or Silent Prayers)

Teaching Children to Pray This may not immediately seem like an idea for children, but more and more research and experience show how little space we all have in our lives and how some quiet and silence can help us connect with God. This activity is inspired by Rachel Turner’s Parenting for a life of … Read more