Spring-inspired prayer

I live on a farm and love using the seasons to inspire my prayer. In the past few years, I have so loved all the different types of daffodils coming up. I love their blooms, but I’ve also really enjoyed their super-vivid-green stalks. I think it happens when we have sudden warm spells and they … Read more

Snowdrop prayers

What fragile things could you pray for? If you can find some snowdrops, take a photo and use it to inspire your prayers. Every year I love it when I see snowdrops appear. I love their fragile beauty, intricate petals and flimsy stems buffeted by Winter winds. I love their tenacity in arriving while snow still threatens. While other … Read more

Seed prayers

Do you love watching seeds grow? Why not link this with praying for something to grow? A fun and satisfying seedling to watch is a sunflower. Take a toilet tube and press in the sides of one end to make a little compostable pot. Fill it with compost or soil then place one seed on … Read more

Seed inspired Bible stories!

Grow some simple seeds and read some Bible stories about seeds. What do you notice (about your seeds and the stories!)? We like growing and eating pea shoots because a) you can grow them very cheaply from dried peas from the cupboard b) they sprout and grow very quickly c) they are packed full of … Read more

Saint Valentine’s Day

Each year, we explore the story of Saint Valentine a little bit, and then we make cards and sometimes edible gifts to let our friends know they are loved. The story of Saint Valentine is a bit gory and sometimes a little x-rated, so if you plan on sharing a short youtube video, be sure … Read more

Holy Week Boxes

I don’t know about your children, but mine love things in boxes. So here’s an Easter activity in a box. I’ve used it with my children since they were toddlers, but the simplicity of it lends itself to use with all ages, including adults. And using it each year, gives further depth to each Holy … Read more

Why Pancake Day?

“What’s pancake day all about?” I ask my 7 and 8 year olds over breakfast. “Pancakes!” my 7 year old replies gleefully. O-Oh. I have work to do here! “What else?” I ask. No response. “It begins with L and rhymes with Bent.”“Lent!” *phew! * “Why do we eat pancakes?”“To use up the eggs.” “Why … Read more

Easter egg hunt prayers

Easter egg hunt prayers

Here is a quick and easy way to incorporate faith into your Easter egg hunt! Hide wrapped Easter eggs or other sweets, making sure you have at least four different colours or types. When everyone has collected some, have a time of prayer where you use the different sweets or eggs as a ‘code’ for … Read more

Easter activities

Easter is a fab time to do faith at home, but sometimes it’s tricky to work out what to do, and what will work best for our family. Here’s a list of things I love to do, not all of them every year, but as we have space and time.

Easter remembering

Easter remembering

Make a plan to remember Jesus and what he means to you together as a family. When Jesus had his last Passover meal with his friends, He broke bread and asked them to remember Him “whenever they did this”. The text isn’t clear whether He meant whenever you break a piece of bread, whenever you … Read more