Sweets Prayer

This is a really popular prayer activity: 1 Grab a pack of multi-coloured sweets — Skittles work well! 2 Assign each colour sweet a category, for example: Red: family Purple: friends Green: environment/ animals Yellow: the world Orange: school/work 3 Take it in turns to pick one sweet.  You could do this with your eyes … Read more

Easter Story Sweet-Filled Eggs

If you’re looking for something for older children say 7-14 years, this is actually a bit fiddly but very fun. Choose a variety of sweets with links to different parts of the Easter story. We went to one of those shops where you can buy from large jars so we had a lot of choice. … Read more

Easter activities

Easter is a fab time to do faith at home, but sometimes it’s tricky to work out what to do, and what will work best for our family. Here’s a list of things I love to do, not all of them every year, but as we have space and time.

Mini Egg Prayers

This is a lot like sweets prayer but with mini eggs. The concept is simple: 1 For each colour egg, decide on one category of things to thank God for. 2 Take it in turns to take a mini egg and thank God for something in that category before eating your egg. Prayers can be … Read more

Exploring generosity in an all–age service or intergenerational group

Exploring Generosity is a 32 page, full colour book from GodVenture in partnership with 40acts. WHATS INSIDE? Each activity has It’s a fab way for families to explore the Bible and let God speak with them about generosity.  HOW TO USE THIS BOOK FOR AN ALL-AGE SERVICE Around your meeting place, set up some stations based on activities from … Read more

Meringue meditation

Here’s a way to allow children to experience a Bible verse and think about it. It takes a bit of preparation but children will love it! Make meringue and pipe it in the shape of these words from Psalm 119:103: “Your teachings are sweeter than honey.” (See below for the meringue recipe.) Read the verse … Read more