I’m so glad you’re joining me in this workshop!

I’ve been celebrating Passover with my family at home for over ten years, and I’m always amazed at how celebrating Passover as part of Easter brings a new depth of meaning, understanding and connection.

This is an online workshop which won’t happen at a specific time. All the material is available from the menu and I really want you to use it in a way which works best for you and your family and where you’re at this year. You can use all of it or some of it, in order or just picking the bits you’re most intrigued by. It’s totally up to you!

While all the material will be available all year, there is a secret Facebook group which you can be part of, and I’ll be LIVE on there during Lent. You can share what you’re doing, things you’re discovering, questions, thoughts and recipes. If you like being reminded to look at things, I’ll be putting links to the various sessions on the group AND I’ll be doing four Facebook LIVE sessions in the group so look out for those. However, if you’re not a Facebook person, don’t worry; all the material is on the website for you. AND you can come back to it next year! One of the best things about Passover is how the connection and meaning build and grow as we celebrate it each year.

The material is in six episodes, as you’ll have seen in the MENU:

1 The Story

This is the core bit where we’ll be exploring the Exodus story and finding ways we can really get into it in a fresh way. For me this is the most important bit, so if you don’t get any further than this, that’s fine!

2 The Seder Plate

This is the part many people are a bit familiar with. We’ll look at what’s on the plate it and why – each piece of food has symbolism which helps us get into the story in a experiential way. Plus, we’ll be looking at the extra things which some families add and how you might use symbolism in your faith at home.

3 The Wine (or juice)

This episode is all about the four cups and what they symbolise. If you’re planning to make your own seder, you might want to use these as a structure. And you also might want to look at some non-alcoholic options for children and guests – you could even do your own not-wine tasting to see which you want to use!

4 The Bread

One of my favourite parts of exploring the connecting between matzah, manna and Bread of the Presence, so in this episode I share a series of Bible stories linking these together. I also give ideas for making flat bread and a great recipe using shop bought matzah.

5 Hebrew

I always enjoy exploring Hebrew, so this episode looks at some letters, words and blessings used in the Passover seder.

6 Jesus and Passover

In episode 6, I review some of the ways Passover specifically relates to Jesus, including a controversial idea that Jesus didn’t finish His last Passover meal until He was on the cross.

Feedback questions

I really want to know what you think of the workshop, what what was helpful and what I could change. It’ll only take a couple of minutes 🙂


Some books

If you’re a book person and would like to get some books to help you explore, here’s some of my favourites:

  1. The Heavenly Party by Michele Guiness – This includes lots on celebrating Passover as well as other festivals
  2. Sammy Spider’s First Passover is a lovely story for under 5s explaining the basics
  3. Miss Tammy’sChildren’s Haggadah is a seder aimed at 5-7 year olds
  4. Brant Pitre book Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist (He’s also got some good videos like this one here)
  5. The Chumash – This is a Jewish commentary we have at home which has commentary on the first five books of the Bible plus some more.